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Dr Juliette Scott   |   Specialist Paediatric Dentistjuliette-scott

Edge Professional Development is very pleased to welcome Dr Juliette Scott from Sydney to present as our keynote lecturer.

An emphasis will be on the paediatric oral health professional being an advocate for children’s health and well-being. Dr Scott will present from a very practical viewpoint where practitioners will take this clinical information back to their surgeries. Topics such as behaviour management, local anaesthesia, rubber dam, communication to parents and caregivers will be interwoven within the lectures.

The first dental visit. Who, when, why ……and how?

It has been recommended that all children have their first dental visit within a year of the first tooth erupting. We will explore the rationale for this. The early dental visits can allow for effective prevention of dental disease. To do this we need to understand how caries risk assessment fits into everyday practice. We will also explore some behaviour management techniques for very young children, and effective communication strategies for educating parents and care givers.

Predictable restorative techniques for carious primary teeth.

Paediatric dentists will often recommend techniques such as pulpotomies and stainless steel crowns for the restoration of carious primary teeth. However, these techniques have not been widespread in the general dental population. We will discuss the various techniques available to restore primary teeth, including the concepts of incomplete caries removal and the “Hall”crown. Adequate assessment and diagnosis is essential to the success of any restorative technique, and this will also be explored. Sometimes it can be better to extract the teeth!

Chalky or carious? The first permanent molar.

Enamel hypomineralisation is becoming more prevalent in dental practice. The challenges of restoring these teeth are numerous. Along with a discussion of the current research into the aetiology and management of enamel hypomin, we will discuss various and appropriate restorative techniques for permanent teeth in general.

Crash, bang, wallop. Dental trauma in the paediatric population.

Dental trauma in young children can be distressing and difficult to manage, for both the parent and the care giver. Dental trauma can also have long lasting effects both on the dentition and the psyche of the child. We will cover practical techniques to manage everyday dental trauma, and the various sequalae. The importance of recognising non-accidental injury is also emphasised.

Dr Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Honours) from the University of Sydney in 1997 and commencing her specialty training in 2002.

She has a particular interest in treating medically compromised patients and those with special needs at her specialist Paediatric Dental practice in Crows Nest NSW.



Dens Invaginatus

Dr Gus Jang  |  Endodontistgus1

Classification, Diagnosis and Management of teeth with Dens invaginatus (Dens in Dente)
Dens invaginatus is not an uncommon clinical finding in permanent teeth and it may be easily overlooked because of absence of any significant clinical signs of the anomaly. This is unfortunate as the presence of an invagination is considered to increase the risk of caries, pulpal and periodontal problems. Furthermore, the nature of the problem can often lead to complications with any necessary endodontic treatment. In this presentation, different classifications and management and treatment approaches base on the diagnosis will be discussed.

Dr. Gus Jang is the principal endodontist at WA Endodontics in South Perth. Gus obtained his Bachelor of Dental Science degree with honours at the University of Queensland and completed his specialist training as a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics at UWA.

Gus is currently involved in teaching undergraduate dentistry students at the University of Western Australia.
He is a member of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in the Special Field of Endodontics, Australian Society of Endodontology, the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists, International Association of Dental Traumatology as well as the Australian Dental Association.


Early Infant Feeding Practices and Early Childhood Caries

Professor Jane Scott   |    Professor of Public Health Nutrition Researchjane-scott

While the evidence of an association of bottle-feeding and early childhood caries is strong, the evidence for an association with breastfeeding is less consistent and more controversial. This presentation will focus on the strength and quality of the evidence linking early childhood feeding practices to early childhood caries.

Professor Jane Scott of Curtin University is a Public Health Nutritionist with a research interest in the epidemiology of early childhood feeding practices. Along with colleagues from the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health she is an investigator on the NHMRC funded Study of Mothers’ and Infants’ Life Events Affecting Oral Health (SMILE).

The aim of SMILE is to identify and evaluate the relative importance and timing of critical factors, including infant feeding practices, that shape the oral health of young children and then to evaluate those factors in their inter-relationship with socioeconomic influences.


The Ectopic Tooth

Roy Goonewardene   |   Orthodontist.drroy-goonewardene

This lecture will present the complexities of treating the ectopically presented tooth.  Tooth eruption is a process where the forming tooth migrates to its functional position in the oral cavity.  Ectopic eruption is a disturbance where the tooth does not follow its usual course.  Early diagnosis and treatment of the ectopic tooth can prevent a more complicated malocclusion.

Dr Roy Goonewardene completed his Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Western Australia.  He undertook his specialist orthodontic training in the United States at one of the pre-eminent orthodontic departments at the University of Connecticut under Professor Ravindra Nanda and Professor Charles Burstone, obtaining a Certificate in Orthodontics and a Master of Dental Science degree. Prior to his time in the USA, he completed a short term postgraduate orthodontic residency in Aarhus, Denmark at the Aarhus University.


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