Friday 20 July 2018    
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


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Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre
36 Dodd Street, Wembley  6014, WA, 6014

Event Type

Morning session   3.5 CPD hours

  • Dr Robin Harvey  – Children with Anxiety
  • Autism West  – Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the Dental Lens

Afternoon session  4.0 CPD hours

  • Dr Marilyn Lobo – The Paediatric Home –  The First Dental Visit.
  • Dr Tim Johnston – Management of Neonatal feeding Difficulties
  • Dr Rod Jennings – Fluoride and Mineralising agents in Dentistry
  • Lauren Miko –   Speech Pathology and Orofacial Myology for Paediatric Patients


Separate registration for morning  and afternoon sessions is available – Lunch is included in all registrations.

AM Programme $180      3.5 CPD hours

PM Programme $250      4.0 CPD hours

All Day discount $380    7.5 CPD hours


MORNING  PROGRAMME        Registration Desk Opens @ 8.00am, Lecture Programme begins @ 8.30am, Lunch @ 12.15pm.


Dr Robin Harvey   |  Educational and Developmental Psychologist

Children with anxiety: Understanding the issues and providing short term support in stressful environments.

While the experience of anxiety must be considered part of normal life, a small but increasing percentage of individuals experience rapid and/or intense reactions to a range of situations they find threatening and find it very difficult to get their anxious feelings under control. When this type of reactivity is ongoing an anxiety disorder develops. This workshop will aim to provide participants with a clear understanding of the cyclical nature of the anxiety reaction, the family context in which anxiety builds in children, and provide ‘best practice’ guidelines for short term management of the intense anxiety responses experienced by children with anxiety when they are receiving dental care. Questions from the floor will be welcome.

Dr Robin Harvey, OAM, MAPS            

Robin has worked as a psychologist with children and their families for over 30 years as a school psychologist, a researcher and lecturer at UWA, and in private practice. She is currently chair of the College of Educational and Developmental Psychology in Western Australia, Director of Milestones Clinic, a private practice working primarily with children who are experiencing learning and social/emotional difficulties. Her approach focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration and evidence based practice. She has presented at both national and international conferences over many years, is published in peer review journals and currently contributes the supervision and training of psychologists in the Perth Metropolitan area.

Autism West  |  Joanna Granich  and Louise Sheehy

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the Dental Lens: Practical Strategies for Dental Professionals

Good oral care is integral to overall health and well-being. For individuals with neuro-developmental disorders like ASD or intellectual disability, adequate oral care at home and access to dental services can be difficult and stressful for all involved.

In this presentation, Joanna will outline the history and the nature of ASD, its impact on the individual with a focus on the role of sensory stimuli in the dental environment presenting unique challenges for people with ASD, especially young children attending their first dental visit. This can signify and shape future healthcare behaviours so it is vital to make the dental experience positive and lasting.

Joanna will synthesise latest ASD research and special care dentistry as well as present findings from her research projects on ‘Dental Needs and Barriers to Oral Healthcare for Children and Adults with and without ASD’. This evidence-based survey data is one of the first to report about dental health of people with ASD in Australia.

Practical support strategies to better understand prepare and positively manage behaviours of patients on the autism spectrum so to facilitate an effective partnership between the dental practitioner, parents/carers and the patient for optimal dental care at home and treatments in the dental clinic will be presented.

Joanna Granich AssocDipDT BSc (Hons) MPH

Joanna is a child health researcher focused on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and interventions at the Telethon Kids Institute. She is also a sessional dental therapist in a private practice and a director of an early stage start-up called AutiSense focused on developing digital preventative medico-dental healthcare solutions to improve health literacy and empower children, parents and health professionals for better health outcomes.

Joanna has over 10 years’ experience in academic research as an adjunct research fellow at the University of Western Australia. She is passionate about making a difference to young children’s early health behaviours and experiences, thereby optimising continuing healthcare across the ages and enhancing health-related quality of life. She has several peer-reviewed publications and extensive experience in project coordination as well as the evaluation of public health interventions including basic, clinical, family and school-based research. Joanna has recently completed entrepreneurial and research innovation programs and is on a mission to diversify her academic thinking by moving her innovative ideas into viable ventures that can make a difference to people’s health and lives especially those affected by life-long disabilities.

Sheehy, Acting CEO  Autism West

Louise Sheehy is a registered high school teacher and has been working with teenagers and adults on the Autism Spectrum since 2011. Louise has worked as an educational disadvantage policy officer in Ireland for a national network and was a founding member and co-ordinator of Galway Autism Partnership, an autism organisation which focuses on person centred social groups for individuals with autism. Louise’s role at Autism West involves managing service development using a person centred approach for our members focusing on their interests and talents. She is passionate about ensuring that individuals on the autism spectrum are actively involved in planning delivery and development of services


AFTERNOON PROGRAMME.     Registration Desk Opens @ 12.00pm,  Lunch @ 12.15pm,  

Lecture Programme @ 12.45pm


Dr Marilyn Lobo  |  Specialist Paediatric Dentist

The First Dental Visit –  The paediatric home.

The ideal time for a child’s first dental visit is when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12 months of age – whichever comes first.  Screening for dental anomalies and early preventive intervention is paramount for the future health of the child’s dental and overall health.  Dr Lobo will discuss why to check early and what to screen for. Feeding practices, non nutritive sucking, and pathology will be presented along with the full examination history taking process.

Dr Tim Johnston  |  Specialist Paediatric Dentist

 Infant Feeding Anomalies.  Tongue tie and frenum release.

The problems experienced with lactation and latching will be presented and discussed
– Multi disciplinary approach to treatment including the use of a lactation consultant.
– Examples of ties
– Managing the baby
– Managing the mother
– Administering LA
– Performing the release
– Post release management.

Dr Rod Jennings |  Specialist Paediatric Dentist

Fluoride and Mineralising agents in Dentistry

How much, how often and which form of fluoride is best for our patient?  With many forms of fluoride available to dental practitioners, and with a strong  resistance by some parts of the community to refuse to drink fluoridated water or use fluoridated toothpastes, lets revisit how and when we apply and recommend  fluoride to our patients.

The many commercially available forms of fluoride will be discussed along with sodium fluoride in water.  Acidulated fluoride, varninsh’s, mouthrinses, toothpastes, gels, restorative and preventive materials containing fluorides including silver fluoride will be discussed.

Lauren Miko   | Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Orofacial Myologist

Holistic Patient Care – An Introduction to Speech Pathology and Orofacial Myology for Paediatric Patients.

As health professionals we have the responsibility to look at the whole child – beyond the initial reason for referral or an isolated diagnosis. This presentation will provide you with information to expand and enhance your clinical knowledge, assessment processes and referral pathways.


A light lunch will be served between 12.15 and 12.45pm to all registrants

Morning tea and afternoon tea is included.



CPD Hours     AM  3.5 Hours       PM  4.0 Hours       All Day   7.5 Hours

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the completion of the seminar.

A tally of all CPD hours gained through EdgePD will be kept on file.  This is assist you in managing your CPD hours and reporting to AHPRA.

Please note that we have received recent notice of the closure of our normal venue.  We will now be holding this event at ADA House,  54-58 Havelock St, West Perth.

Due to the new venue location, access to parking will be very limited.

  • There are Wilson Carparks at 27 Mayfair Street (runs between Murray and Hay Streets –access off Outram Street) and Harvest Terrace.
  • The area is also serviced by the Cat Bus and Transperth Buses. Train station is City West and it is a 15 minute walk up Havelock Street.
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Bookings are closed for this event.